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My father's death ended my world -- a bright world of freedom well beyond that allowed most girls and women. My mother perished of grief; my brother seized the chance to close his grip on me and drag me to the crushing prison of Verona, where I am the excess girl in a family swimming in hate and drowning in spilled blood.

My sweet childlike cousin Juliet is the jewel of the house, a marriageable daughter well suited to her station and fate. I try to do my duty; I know my destiny's road leads to the gates of a convent, where I may aspire to become an abbess, perhaps.

But not if my brother Tybalt has his way. He wants me crushed, body and soul. He can beat me. He can take my freedoms from me. But he can never take away my dreams of becoming something more.

There is a thief in Verona, an intriguing one that they all underestimate. What would the Prince of Shadows would think of me, who loves gold so little and words so much?

I wonder if he would think me mad.

I wonder if I would dare, in these dangerous times, to care.
If it did not sound like a madwoman’s rant, I would say that there is some dark sorcery in this.
Rosaline, to Benvolio